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An accountant with a tax advisor in Luxembourg having a discussion about their next job at Abiomis

Your success is

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Our core values

Being part of the Luxembourgish community for the past few years, we have had the chance to see, observe, and accompany many local and international companies in their growth. We have collaborated with outstanding companies with strong corporate values, stabilizing their business by finding their new collaborators. This has allowed them to gain time and focus on their core business.

But why Abiomis?


Being solely present in Luxembourg & Belgium, we realized that many companies are apprehensive to trust a third party with regards to the human aspect of their organization. We understand this possible fear, but how can you consider a collaboration with our recruitment agency?

We firmly believe at Abiomis that people come before numbers, as this is what will determine true growth. With that in mind, the fear will disappear and make place for fruitful and long-term relationships, for all parties involved.

Abiomis is a recruitment boutique specialized in the legal and financial fields in Luxembourg and Belgium. We developed an attentive ear to the needs and are here to help our partners in both good and difficult times. A collaboration with us means the increase of your visibility on the market, being represented by highly specialized consultants, and always having someone here to defend your interests. 

Moreover, we do not only focus on the recruitment aspect. We are also here to provide you with extensive advice and case studies in order for you to maintain a high reputation on the market. By assisting you in the onboarding process, we help new employees integrate your structure and maximize the retention of your employees.

By being in contact with the legal and financial markets in Luxembourg and Belgium, we not only have access to candidates that are under the radar but also to companies that have plans to merge within the next months. Providing you with these rare opportunities also offers you a serious plan for growth.

Today, we offer the possibility for businesses of all sizes to access a tailor-made search and grow successfully with talents. We provide a solution to financial service providers and legal entities to engage in a fruitful working relationship with future employees by honoring the principles of quality, honesty, and confidentiality.

Arthur Parisot 


An accountant waiting for an interview with a fiduciary, an audit firm and a law firm in Luxembourg

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