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People having business lunches and speaking about jobs opportunities at Abiomis in Luxembourg as a Lawyer, Accountant or Auditor

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The recruitment market has changed. You currently need to provide a high quality of service, as well as broad expertise to handle multiple issues and complex client requirements.


The constant evolution in organizations today can often lead to a shortage of talented mid-tier to senior management executives. Many companies lack the internal resources, professional network, or evaluation techniques to properly recruit for themselves. This is where our consultants at Abiomis come in. What sets us apart is our access to an extensive network of candidates and companies, thorough market knowledge and innovative tools to identify, screen, and evaluate fitting candidates.

Providing such a comprehensive service requires a broad skillset and strong judgment. We not only have the expertise but also the network to support both our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment life cycle, from understanding the needs to the finalization with the right person.

We know that you will need different services at different stages of your evolution. Whatever stage your career or your company is at, we have the expertise to fully support your needs. We can coordinate the whole recruitment process and can also work with you to tailor our services to your specific requirements.

Our team of consultants focuses on building strong relationships with companies and candidates. We listen, are respectful and always value a long-term approach as we genuinely want the best professional fit for all parties involved. We are here to provide an innovative way to your job requirements. In conclusion, you can count on us as a long-term partner in your development and not merely for a single, transactional approach.

An accountant waiting for an interview with a fiduciary, an audit firm and a law firm in Luxembourg

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