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Un receptioniste et un avocat discutant du rendez-vous avec une fiduciaire


Personal Assistant – Human Sized and Growing Law Firm

Our business partner, a human-sized law firm is partnering up with our teams to recruit for a newly created role of Personal Assistant within their team.
The two managing partners of the firm have been working together for over a decade. With the support of their team of 25 collaborators, they are focusing their operations on Corporate and Tax law, Banking and Finance law, and Investment Fund law among other domains.
The dynamic team counts members who have been working together for over 15 years, which demonstrates how engaging the leadership has been over the years. Adamant about creating a culture that promotes employee well-being, the partners engage in frequent performance reviews and encourage the development of internal expertise centers. The creation of internal committees for legal surveillance or to improve processes with the participation of all collaborators demonstrates the firm’s unique approach.
Join the highly skilled and valued administrative team in their support mission and embrace the chance to work from modern offices located in the city center.



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