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Corporate / Compliance

Corporate Officer – 30 Jours de Congé, PSF Dynamique et Jeune

Notre partenaire est un PSF, sous la supervision de la CSSF, à la Gare de Luxembourg qui regroupe une 15-aine de collaborateurs sur ses différents services (corporate, comptabilité, fiscalité, domiciliation). Avec une moyenne d’âge de 30-35 ans en interne, vous rejoindrez donc une équipe jeune dont les collaborateurs sont tous sur la même longueur d’onde, bien qu’ils soient tous à un stade différent de leur vie.
A la tête de ce PSF, vous trouverez deux gérants qui se complètent très bien et qui tiennent à communiquer en toute transparence entre eux, mais aussi avec leurs collaborateurs. Cela se fait toujours dans le plus grand respect, raison pour laquelle la communication y est ouverte et l’ambiance est conviviale.
Vous remarquerez rapidement que cette structure se différencie des autres par son approche, elle a pris des initiatives ces dernières années pour offrir une flexibilité et liberté plus importante à ses équipes, notamment au niveau du temps de travail que le télétravail. De cette manière, elle maintient des équipes motivées avec une charge de travail confortable, ce qui est d’autant plus favorable pour la stabilité d’équipe.

Gare, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Corporate Officer 3 ans exp. – Equilibre De Vie, Flexibilité

Pour une fiduciaire d’une trentaine de personnes dont 10 dans l’équipe Corporate, avec une belle évolution au Luxembourg, nous sommes actuellement à la recherche d’un Corporate Officer.
Cette fiduciaire propose des services de comptabilité, conseil et planification fiscale, domiciliation et conseils juridiques à une clientèle de sociétés financières (holdings, SOPARFI, titrisation, fonds d’investissements). Etant spécialisée dans cette clientèle, elle dispose donc d’une excellente technicité en interne, et cela est encore renforcé par le savoir-faire des collaborateurs.
Vous rejoignez un environnement jeune, dynamique et en croissance au sein duquel vous aurez l’occasion de travailler avec une clientèle intéressante. En effet, avec plus de 10 années d’existence sur le marché luxembourgeois, et des associés avec plusieurs décennies d’expérience, cette fiduciaire a su se forger une excellente réputation et fidéliser une clientèle qui a traversé les années avec elle.
Vous profiterez d’une flexibilité importante, car c’est essentiel pour la direction de la fiduciaire, et vous n’aurez que très peu d’heures supplémentaires à prester. Cela veut dire que votre équilibre privé/pro sera respecté et maintenu à tout moment.

Ville Haute, Luxembourg


Corporate Officer – Equipe de 10, Turn-Over Faible

Une quarantaine de collègues vous attendent au sein de cette fiduciaire, qui a eu à cœur de maintenir de bonnes valeurs humaines depuis sa création. C’est pour cette raison que la stabilité d’équipe est assurée dans toutes ses équipes, et que son équipe Corporate regroupe 10 personnes.
La fiduciaire s’est concentrée sur l’accompagnement d’une clientèle diversifiée : il s’agit tant de petites que très grandes sociétés commerciales, locales et internationales, mais en majorité des sociétés domiciliées de type Holdings/Soparfi. En proposant un service de A à Z, la fiduciaire est certaine de pouvoir garder une clientèle stable dans ce domaine concurrentiel.
La fiduciaire a investi dans des méthodes de travail et processus digitalisés, et réussit ainsi à limiter les tâches chronophages pour ses employés. Combinez cela à une ambiance conviviale et des gérants qui traitent les employés avec le plus grand respect, et vous avez la recette parfaite pour votre épanouissement professionnel !

25 Bd Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, 2411 Luxembourg


Corporate Officer – Small PSF in Mamer, Young Team

In a calm and residential area in Mamer, you will find this privately owned PSF of less than 10 young and driven employees. With an experienced Partner leading the firm, who has worked in some of the most well known PSFs in Luxembourg, you are sure to learn from the best and to keep evolving in the corporate field.
The company assists a loyal client base with all types of activities, both financial and commercial companies, and that are either present locally or that have an international dimension. This also means that you will never stagnate in your tasks and be bored in your function as you will have great diversity in your files.
The Partner of the structure really values long term client relationships, which is why he has met each client personally and cares about providing a personalized service that suits each client best.
If you want to join a company where a challenging function is combined with flexibility, transparent communication and a dynamic atmosphere internally, this will be the right fit for you.

Mamer, Luxembourg


Corporate Officer – Team of 10, Healthy Company Culture

In one of the most beautiful and charming areas of Luxembourg-City, close to many shops and restaurants, you will find this PSF of 10 open-minded and dynamic people. You will be part of a team of corporate and compliance officers, accountants and managers who are eager to help you in your growth and evolution.
This structure keeps its independence by taking all decisions locally and efficiently, while also being part of a stable international group with several offices across Europe. Its services are diversified as the structure offers corporate services and fund administration services to a wide range of clients. As a Corporate Officer, you will handle a varied portfolio of Soparfi/Holdings, SPVs mainly.
The location of the PSF is great, especially with this nice weather, as you can have drinks or dinner with friends, enjoy an evening stroll but especially because the accessibility by public transport is excellent. It does not matter where you live, because as a Luxembourgish resident or cross-border worker, you will have a stress-free and easy daily commute.
The Partner of the company realizes that satisfied employees need to benefit from a certain sense of flexibility, in the working hours and homeworking possibilities, so both of these advantages are offered and will stay in place permanently.



Senior KYC Analyst – Great Trainings, Growing Fiduciary

In the heart of Luxembourg, you will find this fiduciary composed of 15 motivated team members, coming from all over the world (Peru, Italy, Croatia…) but with one thing in common : a real drive to develop a strong expertise in the financial industry.
The fiduciary is now looking to strengthen its compliance team of 4 by a Senior KYC Analyst. You will handle a diverse portfolio of both local and international clients. These will be composed of both financial and commercial companies, allowing you to have a wide skill set and varied files.
If you are passionate about the compliance field, you are sure to learn from the best as you will be surrounded and assisted by highly experienced managers and directors with decades of experience. To help you in your growth, many trainings will be offered (internal and external) so you can climb in the hierarchy in time and also achieve this type of position.
Finally, enjoy the open and transparent communication in the team as this is one of the main values they put forward!

Ville Haute, Luxembourg


Corporate Officer – Train Station, Strong Career Evolution

This PSF would describe itself as a meritocratic and constantly evolving structure, since its creation well over 10 years ago in Luxembourg. With over 100 employees across its different departments, it has become a key player on the market and is well known among its competitors.
With an international client base that mainly originates from the United States and Canada, and with its main investments in Luxembourg and other European countries, you are sure to develop a real expertise and to handle prestigious clients.
Thanks to its growth, the PSF is able to offer an environment in which everyone can have a career and prospects in the mid term. For example, one team member started here as a junior 4 years ago and has recently obtained the title of Assistant Manager, so you know that growth is possible quite rapidly!
Lastly, its location near the Luxembourg Train Station is ideal for anyone coming by train, but a parking spot can also be offered if necessary. The offices are some of the most prestigious we have visited in Luxembourg, and we will be happy to tell you more about them during a call at +352 26 38 38 50 !



Senior Corporate Officer – Great Work Life Balance, Fund Portfolio

A few minutes from the Belgian Border, more precisely in Mamer, you will find this PSF of 30 welcoming collaborators, looking to add a Senior Corporate Officer its corporate team of 7.
Though it is part of an renowned international network, this service provider remains independent and takes all its decisions in Luxembourg. This means that you will benefit from a good internal communication and smooth internal processes, making your life much easier on a daily basis.
Its client base today is mainly focused on investment funds (regulated and unregulated) that the company assists in terms of accounting, tax, legal administration, fund administration and more.
What kind of environment will you integrate? First of all, a company that cares about offering a good balance between work and private life, by limiting overtime and being very flexible in terms of homeworking possibilities, working hours and so on. For this reason, the staff turn-over is quite limited as everyone feels appreciated.
As a result, a very good atmosphere is present in the PSF which is why they are also very careful in their recruitments, to ensure that it will stay this way.

Capellen, Mamer, Luxembourg


Senior Transfer Agent – Management Impliqué, Plan De Carrière

Une PSF installée au Luxembourg depuis maintenant environ 10 ans et ayant des équipes stables est actuellement à la recherche d’un Senior Transfer Agent qui souhaiterait rejoindre un environnement dynamique, agréable et en pleine croissance au Luxembourg.
Cette société recherche principalement une personne qu’elle pourra accompagner et former sur le long terme. En effet, le but pour cette PSF est d’investir dans une personne qui saura se voir évoluer sur le long terme au sein de leur département Transfer Agent, notamment en proposant des formations de haute qualité et un plan de carrière concret au sein de la structure.
La législation Luxembourgeoise étant en perpétuelle évolution, le département continuera à se développer et vous aurez donc l’opportunité de participer à l’évolution et à la mise en place de nouvelles procédures afin de rester en conformité avec la législation.
Outre les perspectives d’évolution, cette société vous offre la possibilité de travailler avec un management très impliqué et à l’écoute des membres de son équipe. Vous n’aurez donc jamais l’impression d’être mal encadré par vos supérieurs.



Corporate Officer – International PSF of 100 people

Our partner is a PSF with offices around the globe, making it a prestigious group with very diversified international clients. They now have around 100 employees in Luxembourg thanks to their growth, which is proof that you will join a stable structure.
You will join a motivated team in which you will be surrounded by both senior and junior corporate officers, who will be delighted to pass on their best practices to you.
Do you care about working in a modern environment? Then look no further. The offices of this PSF are some of the most impressive in Luxembourg, and great attention has been paid to the comfort of the employees. You will never have to be frustrated about slow software or inefficient processes again. The offices are spacious and luminous as well. Everything has been well thought out in order to make your life as comfortable as possible!
So what about working from home or on a part-time basis ? This structure realizes that it is 2022 and that these advantages are key for your well-being. Both are possible and put in place permanently!
As Corporate Officer, you will be working on a client portfolio focused on Soparfi and SPV, and trainings will be given continuously so you can continue your technical evolution.



Senior Manager Legal – Family Office, Ambiance Agréable

Nous avons actuellement cette opportunité exceptionnelle de Senior Manager Legal au sein d’un Family Office familial et à taille humaine. Le Family Office a pour objectif d’internaliser les services corporate et juridiques qui sont aujourd’hui pris en charge par des prestataires de services externes car elle connait une belle expansion qui reste toutefois naturelle.
Grâce à cela, vous pourrez donc lancer votre propre département dans une structure qui tient à la bonne communication en interne. Cela vous permettra d’avoir une vue à 360 degrés sur l’ensemble de vos dossiers et d’être en contact direct avec le gérant qui est très présent et impliqué.
Vous aurez l’occasion d’évoluer dans un environnement de travail sain au sein d’une équipe dynamique, qui vous accueillera les bras ouverts.



Senior Corporate Officer – Frontière belge, Bonne Cohésion

Si vous avez quelques années d’expérience en tant que Corporate Officer, et que vous êtes enthousiaste à l’idée de rejoindre une PSF dynamique et moderne à la frontière belge, cette opportunité vous intéressera certainement.
Pour une clientèle de fonds d’investissements (régulés et non-régulés) et SPV, cette structure propose un service de A à Z, raison pour laquelle la PSF est aujourd’hui représentée par une 30-aine de personnes sympathiques.
Effectivement, la PSF prête une grande attention à l’aspect humain de manière générale mais également dans ses recrutements. Elle estime notamment qu’il est important de maintenir une ambiance agréable et conviviale, lui ayant permis de maintenir une bonne cohésion en interne.
De plus, les heures supplémentaires y sont quasiment inexistantes et une vraie flexibilité est proposée au niveau des horaires. Après une période d’intégration, le télétravail est également un avantage dont vous pourrez bénéficier.

Capellen, Mamer, Luxembourg


AML-KYC Officer - PERE clientele - Career Prospects

A medium-sized company, composed of around 60 people in their offices in Luxembourg’s Cloche d’Or, is looking for an additional person to work with a team of 5 people. The company created 10 years ago, developed their activities and are providing corporate and fund services to an international clientele (PE/RE, Securitisation, Private Debt vehicles).
The company is supervised by the CSSF, and differentiate itself by providing a quality of services above the average for Luxembourg. This level of quality is feasible thanks to the presence of the Partners in every closing, the number of internal and external trainings provided through the year, and also because of the meritocratic scheme in place, to make sure that everyone has the motivation to adopt a solution oriented approach.
Thanks to the work-life balance the teams are benefiting, it participates in the low turnover of the company which in turn also participate in the quality of the services that are delivered. If you wish to know more about the company, and are ready to start your career, within a company that cares about your development, do not hesitate to contact us.



Corporate Officer – In House, Prestigious Holding

Are you a Corporate Officer with a few years of experience in a financial service provider in Luxembourg, looking to move in-house moving forward? Or are you already working in-house and looking forward to a new challenge? Then this position might peak your interest.
This Holding company has invested in Private Equity and Real Estate across the world and currently has several billion dollars in assets. Its team in Luxembourg is composed of 50 employees, 10 of which are part of the corporate/legal team. With their skills combined, they are able to work in a very quality-oriented and organized way while also ensuring good dynamics within the team.
The Holding is located in a very modern and prestigious building in the heart of Luxembourg City, so you can easily enjoy dinner with your friends in one of the many restaurants close by, or do your groceries or some shopping.
Lastly, your technical evolution will not end when joining this structure as you will still acquire new skills to grow in your autonomy.



Senior Corporate Officer – No Extra Hours, Modern PSF

We have the pleasure to assist our partner, a growing and modern PSF located at the Belgian border in Mamer, in their search for a Senior Corporate Officer.
The Trust’s clients are mainly composed of regulated and unregulated funds with investments all over the world. This international dimension is further supported by the fact that this PSF has offices in almost every continent, allowing you to work in a stable yet naturally growing structure.
Though this structure is represented by more than 500 employees worldwide, the PSF values a good atmosphere and personal approach in each of its offices. You will never feel like “just a number” here!
As it is important for the company to hire people that have a similar vision and approach to theirs, and would also be a good personality fit for the team, their teams are quite stable as a result.
Furthermore, some things at work should never be underestimated : In this structure, you can be sure that team spirit and respect are the core values. Even the simple things, such as good coffee and weekly fruit baskets, make the difference here!

Capellen, Mamer, Luxembourg


Senior Compliance Officer – Alternative Funds, Great Cohesion

Our partner is an independently owned financial service provider that has been present in Luxembourg for over a decade now. They have not only grown in Luxembourg, but also throughout their several entities abroad which shows that the group in itself is stable and developing itself continuously.
The company offers a wide range of services some of which are accounting and tax, fund management, domiciliation and legal and compliance services. The PSF has mainly focused on a client base of investment funds, and you will personally have the opportunity to take on a portfolio of alternative investment funds.
With over 40 employees in Luxembourg, this PSF has become quite well known and greatly values trust and respect among all its members. Everyone is treated in the same way, no matter their level of experience or role, which has created a real bond internally.
As Senior Compliance Officer, you will join a team of less than 10 people, all of whom have a different level of experience. At your level, you will work closely with the manager and also have the chance to review junior compliance officers, teaching them your acquired skills!



Senior Corporate Officer – Dynamic Fiduciary, Gasperich

We are currently assisting our partner, a dynamic and human sized fiduciary in Gasperich, in the search for a Senior Corporate Officer.
This fiduciary is known on the market for the high quality of its services and, as a result, its good reputation. Today, the fiduciary is represented by approximately 40 employees in total. Its headquarters is located in Luxembourg, but the structure also has offices abroad.
Furthermore, though the fiduciary has known a good but steady growth, its team is particularly stable. The employees feel valued and also benefit from a great work/life balance, so work never takes the upper hand on your personal life. Flexible working hours, additional vacation days and homeworking days are only a few examples of the advantages offered!
As part of the fiduciary’s development, the Senior Corporate Officer will be in charge of managing the corporate life of a client portfolio of Soparfi and Alternative Investment Funds. As the fiduciary wants to offer every employee autonomy, you will have direct contact with the clients and develop new skills on a daily basis.



Corporate Officer 3 ans exp. – Cloche d’Or, Processus Digitalisés

Notre partenaire est une PSF à taille moyenne (60 personnes) située à la Cloche d’Or, établie il y a maintenant près de 10 ans et ayant connu une bonne croissance ces dernières années. Dans le cadre de son développement, la structure est actuellement à la recherche d’un Corporate Officer expérimenté et motivé.
Vous rejoindrez une équipe dynamique et expérimentée dans laquelle règne un vrai esprit d’équipe, mais vous profiterez aussi d’une grande autonomie dans votre fonction et la confiance de la part du management.
Un portefeuille clients, composé principalement de Soparfi et PE/RE vous sera dédié et vous pourrez au fur et à mesure gérer des dossiers de plus en plus complexes. Grâce à cela, votre développement technique ne s’arrêtera jamais et les formations proposées viendront compléter votre apprentissage continu.
Quels avantages la PSF met-elle en avant ? De bonnes perspectives de carrière, à moyen et long terme, ainsi qu’un package salarial composé de nombreux avantages (assurance santé et plan de pension, chèques-repas, parking gratuit, un bonus important et des jours de congé supplémentaires).



Corporate Officer – Friendly Atmosphere, Low Turnover

Our partner is a well-known yet human-sized PSF with more than 10 years of experience in the Grand Duchy. Though the PSF has grown to a team of 20 people, its objective is not to become a very large company in time. On the contrary, the PSF is recruiting today because it has known a natural growth and they want to welcome a Corporate Officer seeking professional security and stability.
What describes this PSF best? First of all, this company is a great fit for you if you value flexibility and a good work/life balance, more than a strong evolution in the hierarchy. Though the company offers trainings to keep a high quality of services, and its employees have a very good technical level as a result, it does not offer the same evolution in terms of title that you would find in a Big Four for example.
As everyone has the same vision here, and the atmosphere is friendly as a result, staff turn-over is very low which is quite rare in Luxembourg.
Lastly, its clients are primarily investment funds which is the type of portfolio that you will get to handle.



Senior Legal Manager – Lead Your Own Department

Our partner is a human-sized Family Office looking to strengthen its team with a Senior Legal Manager, eager to create his/her own legal department.
Indeed, as the Family Office currently collaborates with external providers for its legal services, and as it has reached a sufficient enough work load to handle it internally, it aims to put in place its own department.
You will join a team of experienced accountants as well as a tax manager in this Family Office composed of less than 10 people, who value a healthy and dynamic work atmosphere at all times.
Lastly, you will benefit from flexible working hours as well as offices ideally located in Gasperich. As a result, you will spend less time on the road or in public transportation and have more time to yourself.
This type of professional opportunity is rare, so do not hesitate to contact us today if you are interested in taking the next step in your career.

Gasperich, Luxembourg


Assistant Compliance Officer – High Fund Expertise, PFS in Mamer

We are happy to assist this independent financial service provider, under the supervision of the CSSF, in its search for an Assistant Compliance Officer in the context of its growth.
Though it is part of a renowned international network, active in several continents, this PFS cares about being able to take its decision in an independent manner on a local level. For this reason, its client base today consists of primarily semi-regulated and regulated funds.
The PFS offers quite an exceptional environment, as it offers its 30 employees the possibility to evolve but with no obligation whatsoever. However, all employees have the opportunity to develop a very high expertise while benefiting from a great work/life balance and daily comfort.
This is felt in numerous ways : whether it is the very limited overtime, its location near the Belgian border, a flexible work schedule or homeworking possibilities, all of this has contributed to a true wellbeing internally.
As a result, a good atmosphere is present as everyone feels satisfied on both a professional and personal level.

Mamer, Luxembourg


Senior Corporate Officer – No Turnover, Good Team Spirit

Are you an experienced Corporate Officer looking to pursue your career in a human-sized fiduciary with a very limited staff turn-over ? Do you want to join a fiduciary that will offer flexibility but also invest in expanding your skill set? Then keep on reading.
Our partner is a dynamic fiduciary of 50 employees located in Gasperich, with its corporate team made up of around 10 members. This fiduciary has known a very natural and stable growth over the years and has, for example, not been impacted whatsoever by the covid crisis. The fiduciary was also able to easily handle this period as it was already digitalized and the internal processes are well organized.
Its clients are diversified (Soparfi, SPF, Scsp, commercial companies…) and can count on quality-oriented services in terms of accounting, tax, legal administration and domiciliation. Though as Senior Corporate Officer here, you will handle a financial client portfolio.
The employees feel valued and also benefit from a great work/life balance, so work will never take the upper hand on your personal life. Flexible working hours, additional vacation days and homeworking days are only a few examples of the advantages offered!



Senior Corporate Officer – Prestigious Environment, 31 Days Off

We are currently assisting this highly esteemed Holding company in its search for a Senior Corporate Officer. The company is located in an exceptionally modern and luminous office building in Luxembourg-City, which it also owns, and which is also proof of its very professional image.
With investments primarily within real estate and private equity, both in Luxembourg and abroad (Asia, America and other European countries), they have developed great stability and prestige. For this reason, their team has been able to grow up to 50 employees over their several departments.
However, you will evolve in a team of 10 where everyone uses its strengths to help the team advance together so helping one another is highly important. Furthermore, the Holding company offers a training budget to each of its employees so they never feel like they are stagnating in their knowledge or skills.
As a result, you will be able to climb up the ladder and continue to evolve in the hierarchy in the company if you so wish, as this is certainly not required. To reward you for your daily investment, the holding company will offer you a very attractive salary package so you always feel valued.



Senior Corporate Officer – Excellentes Formations, PSF en Croissance

Notre partenaire est une PSF ultra moderne, avec une croissance très importante au Luxembourg. Depuis sa création, cette PSF est devenue le partenaire privilégié d’une clientèle internationale et variée (Soparfi/Holdings, PE/RE…).
Nous accompagnons cette PSF dans la recherche d’un Senior Corporate Officer motivé. En effet, vous rejoindrez un environnement stimulant et en plein développement, où l’évolution professionnelle des collaborateurs est toujours prise en compte. Que ce soit au niveau de vos compétences ou même du grade à terme (Manager, Senior Manager, Directeur), vous pourrez compter sur de nombreuses perspectives.
Finalement, la PSF propose une rémunération très attractive, au-dessus de la moyenne du marché : ce package est composé de nombreux avantages extralégaux comme des chèques-repas, un bonus, assurance santé, place de parking et plus.



Corporate Officer – Frontière Belge, Equipe Soudée

Nous avons le plaisir d’accompagner cette PSF dynamique composée d’une 30-aine de personnes et idéalement située dans la commune de Mamer, dans la recherche d’un Corporate Officer expérimenté.
Cette PSF indépendante propose une belle évolution technique afin que tous les collaborateurs puissent activement participer aux services qualitatifs de la structure. En tant que Corporate Officer, vous travaillerez notamment sous la supervision de personnes hautement qualifiées, et vous collaborerez étroitement avec les autres départements. De cette manière, vous aurez une vue à 360° sur l’ensemble de vos dossiers (fonds d’investissement principalement, Soparfi).
Outre cela, la PSF a réussi a maintenir des équipes stables ces dernières années, notamment en proposant une grande flexibilité horaire et en limitant les heures supplémentaires. Vous profiterez donc d’un réel équilibre et n’aurez pas à passer vos soirées au bureau. Finalement, avant d’entamer le week-end, vous pourrez décompresser sur la grande terrasse de la PSF avec vos collègues !

Mamer, Luxembourg


Corporate Lawyer ? Become a Legal Manager in PSF

We currently have the pleasure of supporting a very modern and independently owned PSF in its search for a Legal Manager. For the past few years, the PSF has kept on growing which is why it regroups over 50 employees today and has positioned itself as a key player in the financial field in the Grand Duchy.
Today, this PSF offers an A to Z service to a high level client base of SOPARFI/Holdings, PE/RE and Securitization vehicles. As a Legal Manager, you will get to work on interesting files with different levels of complexity and will therefore acquire an excellent technical level so you will feel motivated on a daily basis.
The PSF also has a contemporary approach in the sense that it has digitalized as much as possible so its team members can truly focus on utilizing their expertise instead of losing time on inefficient tools and software.



Corporate Officer – Fiduciary in Full Growth, Multilingual Team

We are currently assisting this fiduciary, composed of around 40 employees and created around 20 years ago, in its search for a Corporate Officer as part of its continuous growth.
This fiduciary is located in a beautiful building in Luxembourg City, close to various bus and tram stops. Since its creation two decades ago, the fiduciary has experienced quite an impressive growth while keeping a “human” approach towards its clients and employees.
You will evolve in a professional environment, of which the modern and digitalized offices are proof. In addition, the team is very multicultural and regroups people from all over the world (Ireland, Peru, Croatia, Germany, Italy...). This allows you to have interesting conversations with your direct colleagues.
In addition, the partners of the fiduciary maintain a good relationship with their employees. This demonstrates once again that the size and growth have not impacted the friendly atmosphere and the recognition from the partners/managers towards the employees.

Ville Haute, Luxembourg


Senior Compliance Officer – Belgian Border, No Extra Hours

We have the pleasure to assist our partner, an independent corporate and fund service provider supervised by the CSSF and based in Mamer, in the search for a Senior Compliance Officer.
The PSF is currently composed of around 30 employees over its several teams and has been able to keep quite a low turn-over these past decades. The main reason for this is the fact that the partners actually care about their employees’ well being by providing a great work/life balance, which is not necessarily easy in this industry.
For example, overtime is practically inexistant in this PSF and working from home is also possible one day a week. Furthermore, as they are located close to the Belgian border, you will join a team composed mainly of Belgian cross-border workers who benefit from a shorter commute and more free time as a result.
The clients that you will handle are both regulated and semi-regulated funds, offering you the possibility to keep evolving technically. Furthermore, a personalized and quality-oriented approach is key for the PSF, which is why the clients’ satisfaction is so high.

Mamer, Luxembourg


Legal Manager – Create Your Own Department, Family Office

Do you feel like you have to sacrifice your work/life balance at the moment, and miss out on good times with your loved ones or even your children? Do you now want to take on a new professional challenge and create your own department in a small Family Office?
Then this opportunity of Legal Manager in this Family Office could interest you. Indeed, the structure aims to internalize its legal services that are now handled by external service providers, so this will offer you an interesting next career step.
You will therefore be able to actively participate in its development, in particular by setting up efficient internal processes and assisting in the recruitment of your team in the future. You will join a welcoming team of less than 10 people, all of whom aim to provide a quality service to Soparfi, Holdings and PE/RE companies.
Located in the dynamic Cloche d'Or district, this Family Office offers cross-border workers an ideal access by public transport but also by car, as a parking space will be available.



Corporate Secretary – Investment Funds, 30 Days Off

For our long-term partner, a human-sized yet well recognized PSF in Luxembourg, we are currently seeking a Corporate Secretary that wants to join an environment where human values and the well-being are always a priority.
Today they have 20 team members combined over their several departments, and their recruitments are primarily to maintain a comfortable work load for the employees, as the turn-over is particularly low. As a result, you will join a PSF with a good organization and helpful colleagues, you will also be able to develop long-term relationships with your colleagues as it is rare that people leave the PSF.
The PSF has a client portfolio composed of both regulated and unregulated investment funds, a client base that is also very stable and with whom they have established strong relationships since the PSF was created over 10 years ago.



Junior Corporate Officer – Fiduciaire – Première Expérience, Ambiance Start-Up

Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter une fiduciaire encore en pleine croissance implantée depuis 2 ans au Luxembourg.
En effet cette fiduciaire composée de 5 collaborateurs au Luxembourg est à la recherche d’un Junior Corporate Officer dans le cadre de son développement. Si vous avez une première expérience, vous pourrez exposer vos idées pour participer à l’évolution de la fiduciaire.
Dans cette structure vous aurez l’impression de travailler au sein d’une start-up du fait de la bonne ambiance et en raison du petit comité que vous formerez. Vous aurez l’occasion de faire connaissance avec tous vos collègues et vous vous sentirez considéré.
Les sujets que la clientèle vous confiera seront intéressants ce qui permettra de vous stimuler et de passer de bonnes journées.

Gare, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Corporate Officer – Evolution de Carrière, PSF Très Moderne

Pour un PSF jeune et prestigieuse située dans le quartier de la Cloche d’Or, avec une présence à l’international, nous sommes actuellement à la recherche d’un Corporate Officer motivé à apprendre et évoluer.
Cette PSF regroupe aujourd’hui une 60-aine de collaborateurs en tout et est en pleine croissance au Luxembourg, il est donc très probable que cette PSF devienne un acteur de plus en plus important dans les années à venir.
Sa clientèle, de PE/RE et Holdings principalement, est également assez prestigieuse. L’avantage pour les collaborateurs est évidemment le fait de pouvoir développer un excellent niveau technique grâce à cela. A tout moment dans votre carrière, vous serez certain d’être à la hauteur sur le plan technique et pourrez notamment évoluer dans la hiérarchie grâce aux formations proposées.
Vous n’aurez aucun souci de parking le matin, car la PSF vous propose un emplacement gratuit et une bonne flexibilité horaire afin que vous puissiez éviter les bouchons.

Gasperich, Luxembourg


Senior Corporate Officer – In House, Prestigious Holding

Have you been working as a Corporate Officer in Luxembourg for a few years, and are you now looking to move in-house? Do you want to utilize your acquired skills to have a real added value in an international and multicultural environment? Then this position might be a good fit for you.
Our partner is a prestigious holding company with investments all over the world such as in Europe, Asia, America and the UAE, primarily in private equity and real estate.
Located in the heart of Luxembourg-City, 50 team members in Luxembourg ensure the efficient daily operations of this holding and their Corporate team is currently composed of 10 dynamic people. The objective of the team is to move forward together and help one another, which is why team spirit is very important.
Furthermore, good internal processes and a great organization are key in this holding company, so you will have the opportunity to work in a very diligent and meticulous manner which will be a strong asset in your work ethics and methodology.



Corporate Officer - PSF - Vision Moderne, Clients Fidèles

Dans le contexte de son développement, notre partenaire, une PSF composée de 50 collaborateurs est prête à accueillir un Corporate Officer pour renforcer une équipe dynamique de 10 personnes.
Les bureaux qui sont mis à votre disposition sont au goût du jour et lumineux afin que vous puissiez vous sentir bien dans votre environnement professionnel. Les gérants, qui se préoccupent également de la santé des collaborateurs, ont étudié l’ergonomie des bureaux afin que vous puissiez travailler avec les meilleurs outils.
La clientèle composée de sociétés financières telles que des SOPARFIs, Holdings et PERE est très satisfaite des services de notre partenaire, ce qui a notamment permis à la PSF d’avoir une clientèle fidèle et de haut niveau. Cela a comme avantage pour les collaborateurs qu’ils puissent gérer des dossiers intéressants techniquement et qu’il y a une vraie courbe d’apprentissage.
Cette structure en plein développement a également su faire sa place sur le marché financier ce qui lui vaut une bonne réputation.
Bien que notre partenaire dispose de bureaux à l’étranger, celui du Luxembourg reste indépendant ce qui permet de prendre des décisions rapides sans concerter les autres.
Des formations de qualité à la fois en interne et externe vous seront proposées afin que vous puissiez, si vous le souhaitez, monter en grade à terme.

25 Bd Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, 2411 Luxembourg


Senior Corporate Officer – Train Station – Large Autonomy

We are looking for a Senior Corporate Officer for a PFS composed of ten employees. This human-sized and growing structure will allow you to meet each of your colleagues and to learn more from them. Moreover, thanks to your expertise, you will be able to contribute your areas of improvement, which will help develop the PFS.
Thanks to the human-sized structure, you will be able to directly speak to your managers without going through an intermediary. What is appreciable is that employees can work autonomously on the subjects entrusted to them without the managers being permanently in control, which is a proof of trust.
This PFS offers accounting management, domiciliation services and is providing a personalized support to its clients. Your clientele will be international and mostly composed of financial companies, consisting of Private Equity Funds, SPF and SOPARFIs.

Gare, Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Corporate Secretary – PSF – Faible Turn Over – Bien-être Au Travail

Présent sur le marché luxembourgeois depuis plus de 10 ans, notre partenaire est une PSF accueillant 20 collaborateurs d’origines et de cultures différentes et qui recherche aujourd’hui un Corporate Secretary en raison du développement.
Le bien-être au travail est un sujet qui n’est pas pris à la légère par les managers, c’est ce qui explique le faible Turn-Over. En effet dans le respect de votre vie privée, vous n’aurez pas à effectuer d’heures supplémentaires. En revanche, des afterworks seront organisés, cela permettra de renforcer les liens avec vos collègues. En cas de besoins, vous pourrez facilement joindre et communiquer avec vos supérieurs hiérarchiques.



Juriste – Fiduciaire En Plein Développement, Clientèle Internationale

Créée il y a une dizaine d’années, nous vous présentons une fiduciaire en plein développement qui est spécialisée dans le domaine de la comptabilité, la fiscalité et la domiciliation.
Ainsi, vous rejoindrez une belle structure composée de 30 collaborateurs répartis entre le Luxembourg et les bureaux à l’étranger, c’est pourquoi vous travaillerez sur un portefeuille clients international. Vous pourrez développer votre esprit entrepreneurial en donnant votre vision, ce qui permettra de participer au développement de la fiduciaire.
Notre partenaire a mis en œuvre tous les moyens pour que vous puissiez travailler dans un environnement professionnel agréable et moderne mais également pour vous faciliter le travail en développant de nouveaux outils digitaux.

Strassen, Luxembourg


COSEC Manager – Evolution Technique et Hiérarchique

Nous sommes très heureux de vous présenter aujourd’hui un poste de COSEC Manager chez l’un de nos partenaires, une PSF avec une excellente réputation qui est prête à vous accueillir dans le cadre de son développement.
Cette PSF de renommée internationale est présente sur le marché luxembourgeois depuis plus de 10 ans et se démarque du fait qu’elle est multiculturelle, mais également par son environnement professionnel très agréable.
En effet, vous rejoindrez une équipe à taille humaine composée de 5 à 6 personnes qui vous apporteront de solides connaissances. Ainsi, vous aurez la possibilité d’avoir des contacts avec chaque membre de l’équipe et d’établir des liens plus forts.
Si vous appréciez une séance de sport sur votre temps de pause, vous aurez l’occasion de fréquenter la salle de fitness à proximité du bureau grâce à l’abonnement qui vous sera offert. Vous travaillerez également dans un environnement moderne et lumineux qui vous permettra de travailler dans les meilleures conditions.



Corporate Officer – PFS at Belgian Border, Homeworking

The structure we are currently assisting is a PFS (“Professional of the Financial Sector”) with 30 employees located near the Belgian border. Though the PFS is part of a stable international network, it is independently owned which means that all decisions are made rapidly and there is no pressure coming from higher up.
As part of its development, this PFS is now looking for a Corporate Officer to complete its stable corporate team of 6 people. Indeed, the team maintains a human size and this will be the case in the future as well, and is technically well qualified which will allow you to keep acquiring new skills.
You will have the opportunity to have a real added value on a client portfolio of investment funds, and will work closely with your colleagues who are equally as passionate about this field.
You will work in a stable team with a low turnover and you will have the opportunity to go to certain events that are organized such as a bowling evening, an outing to the Schueberfouer or to the restaurant.
In order for you to have the best possible work-life balance, you will benefit from flexible working hours and 1 homeworking day per week, in addition to working close to your home and shortening your commute!

Mamer, Luxembourg


Corporate Officer – Fiduciaire Stable, Equipe Jeune

Si vous avez une expérience en tant que Corporate Officer et vous êtes à la recherche d’une structure stable ou vous pourrez bénéficier de formations de qualité, n’hésitez pas à découvrir la suite de notre annonce.
Nous vous présentons notre partenaire, une fiduciaire créée il y a 20 ans et emploi à ce jour plus de 60 personnes. Vous rejoindrez ainsi une équipe jeune de 12 collaborateurs qui seront ravis de vous transmettre leurs connaissances pour vous faire progresser.
De plus, vous travaillerez dans un environnement agréable du fait de sa modernité et de sa luminosité.
Notre partenaire travaille avec une clientèle locale et internationale et propose de résoudre les problèmes les plus complexes en matière de domiciliation et d'administration de sociétés.
La société conseille, assiste et agit dans les domaines d'activité suivants : Conseil comptable et fiscal, Constitution de Société, Domiciliation et Corporate pour les sociétés commerciales et financières.
Vous ne serez pas déçu des formations qui vous seront proposées, à la fois en anglais mais également dans diverses matières.